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A City of Chaos & Hope

by | May 9, 2014 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey


It takes people to make a city. Literally, to dream it, to think it, to plan it, to build it. Figuratively, too bring it to life. A building, no matter how beautiful, is without life, until people walk through the door, laughing, singing, dancing, yelling, bell-ringing or to begin a journey.

The small stories are important, they create big stories, and big stories tell us who we are, where we came from, and how our characer as a city, as a people, will unfold.

The Inside Story, a City of Ballarat project, is about gathering those stories and sharing them to create a big picture of three beautiful buildings in Ballarat. The stories we found, and that were contributed, are here. The films we made are showing this weekend at the Ballarat Heritage Weekend, the full programme is here.

Here is just a taster of what will lie in wait for you this weekend. Please check below for screening information.


The Inside Story from Erin M McCuskey on Vimeo.

Come see the films at #BallaratHeritage #tisBallarat

And share your story from one of these buildings here: http://www.ballaratheritageweekend.com.au/tis/ (we’d love that).

Films screening regularly throughout Heritage Weekend, 10am to 5pm
More info #tisBallarat & #BallaratHeritage

City of Chaos & Hope (Entire film inc those listed below)
Screening in the Retro Lounge, Mining Exchange. Every hour on the hour (approx.) Abley supported by ABC Open films.

Behind the Clock Tower (Ballarat Town Hall)
Screening in the Morton Room, Ballarat Town Hall, First Floor

What Minerva Saw (Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute)
Screening in the Williamson Foyer, Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute, First Floor

Of Gold & Rail (Ballarat Railway Station)
Screening in the Portico, Ballarat Railway Station, Platform 1

Please join me, I am incredibly proud of these films, and connect with a city I love. #loveBallarat

Love Madame Yum.

PS Thanks to ABC Ballarat’s Jarrod Watt we have a great story about the great stories found for The Inside Story #tisBallarat #BallaratHeritage Weekend. http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2014/05/08/4000869.htm?site=ballarat


  1. Dot Cherry

    I had the great pleasure of being at the first screening of this amazing film. It will bring a lot of wonderful memories to those who have spent their lives in BALLARAT. Erin has given life and wonderful stories to these beautiful buildings. As I sit here at my computer oh so happy to be sharing our heritage I am listening to the Steam trains whistle. I smiled and thought how times have changed from those golden days when the all the nappies were on the line propped up with a poll snow white and the train would pass through and cover them all in black soot. We only lived a block away from the amazing Peel Street tunnel. Time to wash again that train was not due till later. To every one that is going to share our beautiful city in the next two days have a fun filled heritage week-end. To Erin at Yum Studio THANK YOU. Dot. Cherry.

  2. Louise

    Thank you for allowing me and my father in law (by proxy) to be a part of this beautiful project Erin. As a shy man with so many untold stories, you have allowed him to share his passion for the history of Ballarat with the entire community! Not only that, you’ve inspired him to write about his own life, growing up in Ballarat during the 60s & 70s. The modern history, that sometimes gets forgotten in our Gold Rush fascination 😉


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