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ballarat podtours

by | May 17, 2009 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey, yumproductions

The last few weeks has seen the end of yet another series of PodTours for the City of Ballarat. With three now finished, Art Podtour, Prime Ministers PodTour, and Sturt Street Statues PodTour, you can all start rushing out to fulfill your informational needs! Below is an outline of each of the PodTours and where they can be found.

• Art PodTour – a self-guided walk through the history of Australian art. The ArtPod tour includes an introduction to the Gallery and its magnificent collection. (available from the Art Gallery of Ballarat).

• Prime Ministers PodTour – uncover stories behind Australia’s Prime Ministers. This tour takes you along Ballarat’s nationally significant Prime Ministers Avenue, a collection of bronze busts mounted on pedestals located in Ballarat’s Botanical Gardens (available from the Robert Clark Conservatory in the Gardens).

• Statues PodTour – a self-guided discovery of the intriguing stories behind the collection of statues, monuments and bandstands that line Ballarat’s main thoroughfare, Sturt Street (available from the Visitor Information Centre based at the Art Gallery of Ballarat).

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