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well the champers were on hand, okay it was red, and the atmosphere was packed with noise, colour and a palpable excitement. and that was all just at our table… and the winner of Enterprise Small Business Award is…. yum productions… I looked at mick (where sarah should have been) and he looked back… think that was us!


i leapt to my sparkly feet and with a quick adjustment of the tiara made my way to the podium and grabbed the mic. thanks to the yum creative team i said full and verve and vigour… the digital revolution is here so if you are not online then you’re standing still… and we all know in business if you are standing still you are going backwards…. wow thanks…


got back to my seat with a huge smile and mick said ‘why did you do that?’ ‘what’ i asked as my tiara slipped… ‘give them a lecture!’ can’t believe I wasn’t gracious in success…. so thanks to Lateral Plains, Elysium Spa for being very worthy competition (though George I did wonder where your tiara was?) and Commerce Ballarat for your terrific support (Jodie and Barb your outfits befitted your stations)…. is that it now mick? can I go back to being ungracious now?


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