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cloud data

by | Jul 22, 2010 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey, yumproductions

The weather project is up and running at Space 22 in ballarat, at 22 main road. it’s a fabulous artist run space in the heart of our little city ‘the rat’. what’s up there is a group exhibition and emma stoneman (who is taller than average) and I have been developing a work called ‘cloud data’. the work involves banner prints, graphic work and projection of still and video work.

Change, transition and adaption are the common elements between weather and technology. the challenges we face environmentally are the solutions possible with digital technology.

Emma and I have exhibited together for many years. these joint exhibitions have been contextualised through theme and message resulting in numerous cross-over works. the weather project exhibition at Space 22 represents our first truly collaborative work. we also produced a book because the work is an installation and highly unsaleable… but we hope that you will take the time to pop down and view the work in situ because its way more impressive…

space 22 open thurs – sun 12pm to 5pm – opening saturday 24th july 3pm-5pm and exhibition open until aug 8th

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