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Christine & I have just completed this new work together and we are incredibly proud of it. It is a work is about time, memory and dying, created to engage audiences in their own memories of love ones past and elders in your present.

The soundtrack resonates and reverberates between your heart and memory taking its own breath. Created by Christine Tammer the soundtrack bumps up against those emotions we hold so close. Erin McCuskey’s visual work is nuanced with a strangeness that beckons and teases memories to appear. Time is the constant, clicking between heartbeat and echoes of generations.

We are honoured to share the beauty of Do Not Go Gentle through the vocals of Dylan Thomas from his BBC recordings, have it reflected in the heritage footage from Erin & Christine’s family, the National Library of Congress beside images of women elders preparing to battle time. The work movingly evoking concepts of dark, night and age, of light passing, of wisdom gained, encouraging viewers to consider their own time, their own elders and the time they have left together.

You can read about the work here at White Night, and here in the media.

Full Credit list for Do Not Go Gentle by Christine Tammer & Erin M McCuskey

Commissioned by White Night Ballarat from a concept proposed by Christine Tammer.

With thanks to all the beautiful elders who agreed to be part of this work:

  • Aunty Marlene Gilson
  • Dulcie Corbett
  • Robyn Sedgwick
  • Liz Blizzard
  • Linda Franklin
  • Julianne Everleigh
  • Marg Dobson
  • Frances Salenga
  • Debra Lord
  • Anne Baxter
  • Christine Hickson
  • Vicki Coltman
  • Lynden Nicholls
  • Christine Tammer
  • Vikki Nash
  • Shirley Baxter
  • Rosalind Lawson
  • Jill Blee
  • Annie Drum
  • Patrice Braun
  • Lynden Baxter
  • Dona Pentland
  • Katheleen McLean
  • Monica E Langford
  • Jean Laing
  • Colleen Filippa

Archival Media:

  • Dylan Thomas recording BBC World Wide Learning.
  • Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division.
  • McCuskey Family Archive.
  • Tammer Family Archive.

Thanks to those who have supported our work:


  1. Liz Shroeter

    Sounds very interesting, will come along and marvel at your amazing work😊
    I will try and get my 91 year old mum to come with me, she is my inspiration 😊😊😊
    Warmest wishes
    Liz xxx

    • Madame Yum

      You beauty! Thanks Liz, I reckon you and your mum will love it! Cheers Erin


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