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“So this is my first ever yum wrap… and what a daunting task! I have no clue what I’m supposed to write but I thought I better start with a bit of an introduction of myself. My name is Sae Ra (strange spelling a know!) but call me Sae (just to reduce the confusion for everyone at

yum). yum’s definitely a different sort of environment for me, I’ve come from teaching hundreds of Uni students to teaching a small class of 22 highschool kids and to be frank it’s a LOT better. My students seem to be enjoying tinkering away with Photoshop at the moment and making their “virtual” band’s cd covers and posters.

Teaching for yum has been awesome so far, I’m still a bit quiet but I doubt that it will take me long to find my place here. And to make it all easier it’s an Apple environment (thank god!). Sadly I’m a nerd at heart, I take myself to Linux Users Group meetings, “Software Freedom” days and even Linux.conf.au (fondly named Nerd Camp). I’m finding new nerdy things to play with every day and just can’t get enough. Anyway that’s enough from me I think, I better get back to writing my lesson plans, ciao!”

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