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Hawk Man Cometh

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey, Michael Gwyther


One of the most difficult things to capture on screen is passion. I had no trouble with this bloke. Mickey Gee has passion coming out of his ears.

And that passion is for the Brown and Gold of his most beloved football team – Hawthorn. I love footy myself, but not like this.

Not a footy fan? Then this will give you entree to a world beyond your grasp.

Footy follower? You’ll love the madness that is Mickey Gee.

Footy Fanatic? You will totally understand.

Sit back and be amazed by the fabulous, the marvelous, the stupendous… HAWK MAN


Mick: Hawk Man from Erin M McCuskey on Vimeo.

I chatted with Mick the day before the Grand Final Hawthorn vs Fremantle 2013. Check out his fabulous footy blog at yumstudio.com.au/footy Made by Erin McCuskey for Yum Studio and ABC Open.

Of course my boys are pies! So the punch-ons can occassionally get real.


Its all love, love love before the siren!


It’s always ‘on’ before the game.


It’s often a blur before the game.


Sometimes we need a buffer to keep us apart. This time it was Hippie Philosopher.


But after? It’s j j jive talking with the tele.


Until the next Pies v Hawks game of course!

#GoPies Love Madame Yum.



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