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In pusuit of creative breathing space, Erin and I took a wee trip down the highway and thru the ‘burds to one of my favorite place on the planet…the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen. *sigh*
Currently on exhibition ‘Modern Times – The Untold Story of Modernism in Australia.
I have always been in love with the personalities and mythology surrounding Heide and realized its been too long since I last visited. Its such an incredibly beautiful place especially the views from Heide II, the house that John and Sunday Reed built in the 60s, that was their home, ‘a gallery to be lived in’. Now that maybe doesn’t sound too cozy but it works and I want to move in!

My exhibition highlights was a series of Albert Tucker’s personal photos from his travels around Europe.

A few days after returning from Heide, I dug out my sketchbooks, pencils and pastels made some marks and went out and priced easels…watch this space!


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