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Louise is an author…

by | Jul 12, 2013 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey


Self-publishing is like anything else in the new tech field – it’s free, relatively simple, but will only work if you drive it. Technology is about people, it’s not about a money making scheme where you sit back and watch it roll in. You must drive it. And here is a woman with heaps of drive. I met Louise a few years ago, she was working in IT, but knew she wasn’t really challenging herself. Fast forward a few years and wow, you’ve come a long way Louise… What’s that you say? You’ve written a book?

 “According to the cover of my book I’m an author, but since the only sales so far are my family…well…

You know when you meet someone, ask what they do and how they got there, they usually say “by accident”. Same here! I studied literature, but all I wrote was essays, not books. Funnily enough I found a 90 day course on one of those group discount sites, signed up for a few bucks and wrote a book! I got so excited and no way was I waiting for an editor to tell me it was rubbish. So I read up on Self Publishing. Downloaded the template, perfected it with mum & a friend for editors and voila!

Problem though, it’s just little ol’ me, no marketing, no publisher, no nothing. So after a good 12 months of blogging & facebooking, then a second edition I realised, it’s not so much that I want to SELL the book, it’s about sharing the message inside it. This 90 odd page little guide for families to make learning fun. Writing for a target audience who at the end of the day, probably don’t actually read self help books. Talk about barking up wrong trees! So I’m probably just gonna have to give all these books away and hope somewhere, someday it makes a difference for one family.

BUT…I persevere. My message is the key. I don’t have the expertise or time to tutor them all, but plenty other businesses & services do! And what I have is passion! I’m way organised and I’m a “woman in IT”… whatever that means… apparently I know about code or something. So book, leads to social media, leads to building something awesome for the community.

To quote the amazing Erin…it’s about people! And in celebration of this epiphany I’m having a party! Will it be big? Maybe. It could be small. But it will be special. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. A Fundraiser Raffle for Indigenous Literacy, Goodie Bags, Food and a show with Earl Leonard Music for Kids. He’s so cool! And I’ll tell you about my plans for the Blossom Community.

Start local, think global. Now there’s a new catch phrase for me. So come to my party:

Sunday 4th August
2:00pm to 3:30pm
Eastwood Leisure Centre

See you there! Love Louise”

For sure Louise, see you there, I love your tricks. And you can grab a copy of Louise’s Book right here.



  1. Caz Filmer

    Yay Louise. I applaud anyone who get’s out there an makes things happen. And such a great reason too. Well done.

  2. Louise

    Thanks Caz & Erin for your support, means the world to me


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