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Here’s a letter from someone I trained a million years ago… Lovely to hear from you Claire.

Dear Erin,

Many, many years ago before my age of my “computer enlightenment”, I had the audacity to do Workplace Training and Assessment training (partly) on line with you, and truly stuffed so much up I cringe at the memory …oh the embarrassment. I have been archiving and generally purging my study, and have re-read my folder related to this training, and just laughed so much – particularly at the journal!

Erin, I do so appreciate your patience and perseverance with people like me, who must drive you nuts. BUT, I am here to tell you that the learning journey was all worth it, because these days I am seeing out my teaching career by mentoring preschool staff through our new National Quality Framework, and subsequent assessments, while keeping a hand in teaching to keep my knowledge of the framework current and in context. I have practised everything I learnt in your training, and more, and recall everyday that “the journey is the learning”, and remind staff of the importance of this process.

I LOVE the mentoring, even at the age of 61, and thank you so much for your wise counsel and purpose that has seen me practise what you preached –many teaching staff members will benefit for years to come from your wisdom, and faith in a very naive preschool teacher.

Fond regards,

Clare Green

PS The laughs I had at my own expense will sustain me for a very long time ………… I can’t think how many you have got stored away!




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