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Normal is about seeing the world through the perspectives of difference. like Cubism twisted Realism, ‘normal’ goes beyond the mainstream to the core of us: the personal experiences, the secret perceptions of us, the difference of us, all artfully rearranged.

What we know about ‘normal’ is that earlier this year TV Boot Camp came to town driven by us here at yum. the project paired professional media practitioners with media creators with disabilities to create a half hour TV pilot – the purpose:

“to express the colourful, conflicted and contrasting inner and outer landscapes of being different (disabled) from the empowering place of ourselves at the centre of the narrative. we are viewing the world, not the victims of how the world views us.” Kath Duncan, project mentor

So what’s normal exactly? there are some fabulous video, audio and images up at the website http://yumstudio.com.au/normal/ so check it out.

‘Normal’ encompasses all the definitions and pigeon-holes that attempt to make us palatable and malleable. difference has long been a national spectacle, and why not… we are beautiful, unique and very stare-worthy.

Created by a group of diversely-abled filmmakers, it is an exploration of the complex worlds inside disablement: the conflicts between how you feel versus how you are perceived, part dream, part hyper-reality. ’normal’  challenges perceptions of disability and showcases the power disabled people have behind and in front of the camera to critique our own lives.

And so the question remains – what’s ‘normal’? the Premiere is invite-only on Thursday 2nd December…

Free public screenings to celebrate International Day of People with Disability will be held in Ballarat on Friday December 3th at 12pm, 2pm & 4pm in The Mars Gallery of the Art Gallery of Ballarat… first in…

Free public screenings will be held in Melbourne in March 2011

thanks to TAC, the City of Ballarat and St Laurence for support and funding…

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  1. Sae Ra Germaine

    So wish I could make it…. sadly I’m stuck in melbourne doing new job things…. Good luck and hopefully I can catch it when it hits the melbourne circuit!


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