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This project exhibition has now finished. You will find images of the work in-situ here. Thank you to fabulous Sue and Steve at the Regent Cinema, your kindness and support is overwhelming.

(a)musing – a musing, musing, muse, museum, a museum

The term museum conceals an historical lineage from genesis to creation that leverages woman against the torsos and marble that the male gaze would have for her. At work in the reception of this term is the 9 muses of history, dance and literature. What happens when they reclaim their podium, shelling the pomp they’ve be garbed in? Silently and with salacious intent we give our home-made crowns a spit and polish. A muse’s work is not the sum of her inspiration in others.

This series explores the muse and the pursuit of her own work, in large scale on luscious velvet banners.

Creating moving images of women with layers of vintage celluloid, Erin’s work falls between the borders of art and cinema. She delves into the idea that joy expressed is feminist subversion; a way to both protect our freedoms and declare our stories.

You can explore this exhibition of large scale velvet banners at the fabulous Regent Cinema Marble Room during the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (Aug 26-Oct 22) on Wadawurrung Country (Ballarat Victoria).

Exhibition Opening: Sunday 27 August 2023, 4–5pm

           Welcome to Country – Dr Deanne Gilson

           Opening Remarks – Malcolm Sanders, Regional Arts Victoria (Senior Manager Regional Partnerships)

           QandA with the artist – Erin M McCuskey


Opening hours: 10am-10pm Tuesdays – Sundays (Aug 26-Oct 22, 2023) 

Location: Regent Cinema Marble Room, 49 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat, Wadawurrung Country

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