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We all come from a place

Everyone has a concept of place. We all come from a place, exist in a place, share our place. We all have a place we make our own, whether it’s on the street, in public places or within our homes. We create space, and welcome people into it.

Photographic artist, filmmaker and Yum Studio Creative Director Erin M McCuskey, created portraits with people in public places throughout Wendouree. She talked with residents about their concept of place, home and welcome. Through these talks, the narrative of the exhibition emerged. She filmed and photographed the subjects holding a miniature in their hand reflecting their heartfelt responses.

Commissioned as apart of the 2019 Ballarat International Foto Biennale, the photographic works were accompanied by a short film. Thank you to musical duo ‘Dead Salemen’ for permission to use their track ‘Wendouree’. Thank you to Rex Hardware for permission to use the recording.

If you are interested to hear about the process, you can read about it here on the Yum Creative blog.


Walking McKenzie Street reminded me of the ways tiny tokens can carry huge stories. So many of us keep similar mementos, their small size totally incongruous with their enormous significance. The physics of it just doesn’t seem to add up.

To the artists, like McCuskey, who craft the keepsakes that aid our remembering: thank you. The tokens are appreciated.”

Joe Toohey CEO Regional Arts Victoria

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