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Luxville Trailer

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Luxville was bold.

Luxville is a transmedia* tale told through film, photography and word. The story is set in a small city in 100 years from the capital. The artists who live and work in Luxville are the muses. The story is a narrative and will be revealed over a period of time at various events and happenings.

Luxville is partially inspired by heritage cine film, think slide-nights in lounge rooms after dinner parties. Where story, society, art, heritage and people interact to create great stories and meaning.

Curious? Visit Luxville here, and sign up for citizenship & invitations here.


*transmedia = one story in many places.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Luxville was bold. So bold that the Luxville School of the Arts was a world first. So bold that they welcomed new people and new ideas with open arms. So bold that they focused only on being the best versions of themselves they could be. Luxvillians.

But that was a long time ago.

In Luxville today, Miss Nellie, Luxville’s theatre maven, is tired of performing to empty seats. The artists are tired of being called arty and crafty. The city has stopped exploring, and worse, stopped embracing the new. Max Frank, Mayor of Luxville, rules with horse whip.

And so Luxville is tarnished, tired and fraying at the edges.


Award of Merit (women filmmakers) – Accolade Festival 2016

Official Selection – Directors Circle Festival of Shorts 2016

Offical Selection – Castlemaine Local & International Film Festival (CLIFF) 2016

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