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Maverick Salon – Story Workshop

Maverick Salon: a place of story and ideas – Story Workshop

Maverick: a person who shows independent thought or action; unbranded.

Salon: a beautiful place of reception, refreshment and respectful debate.

Being curious about story is a beautiful way to develop relationships with your community and establish your authenticity, so we created the Maverick Salon Workshop, a story workshop aiming to connect people to their community. The workshop helps creatives, small business operators and side-hustlers develop deeper engagement with audiences and customers.

Story is a universal language. We are surrounded by story; on our screens, in our books and conversations. And although story is the most powerful way to connect, most people ignore story in their creative, online and working lives.

The Maverick Salon builds an understanding of narrative by refining and focussing your story. You will learn how to use your story to explore your purpose, develop your unique story framework to support your creative work, business socials or your organisational themes.

You’ve got an idea you’ve been toying with that deserves the light of day. You need an idea? Maybe you need to write a story? This is the place to start!


  • DATE: Saturday 26th October 2019
  • TIME: 10am-4pm
  • PLACE: Secret Location Ballarat CBD
  • STAKE: inc: great coffee, fabulous food and ideas book
  • …………$165 early bird (before Oct 1st)
  • …………$185 late bird (from Oct 1st)
  • BOOK: Eventbrite

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