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MIFF – Melbourne International Film Festival

From Directors to filmmakers, from volunteers to producers; it takes a lot of people, with a lot of passion.


Yum Studio’s Erin McCuskey worked with Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) to produce a series of interviews with people who contributed to the Festival over its now 60+ years.

It takes a lot of people, with a lot of passion to put the festival together – from directors to filmmakers, volunteers to producers. Considered a cultural icon, MIFF is one of the oldest film festivals in the world, and has always managed to put together fabulous programs for its loyal and growing audience.

The series is titled ‘MIFFtales’ and features interviews with Ken Parfrey, Sandra Sdraulig, Tait Brady, Nigel Buesst, Gerry Harrant and Natalie Miller, among other notables! See the whole series here.

Yum Studio wanted to contribute to the growing history of MIFF, helping to acknowledge the people who contributed to its growth and ensure their stories and recollections were remembered.

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