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So what’s normal exactly? It’s about seeing the world through perspectives of difference. Like Cubism twisted Realism, ‘normal’ goes beyond to the core of us: the personal experiences, the secret perceptions of us, the difference of us, all artfully rearranged.

‘Normal’ encompasses all the definitions and pigeon-holes that attempt to make us palatable and malleable. Difference has long been a national spectacle, and why not… We are beautiful, unique and very stare-worthy.

Produced by Yum Studio and created by a group of diversely-able filmmakers, ‘Normal’ is a short film (24 mins) that is an exploration of the complex worlds inside disablement: the conflicts between how you feel versus how you are perceived, part dream, part hyper-reality.

’Normal’ challenges perceptions of disability and showcases the power disabled people have behind and in front of the camera to critique our own lives. This project brought together emerging filmmakers with experienced TV professionals over a two week period to share ideas for TV content that was different, had a message of human rights and was new content.

The film premiere was launched by Randal Matheison Victorian State Director of the ABC, has screened at various festivals around the world and won an Award of Merit from Indie Fest 2012. The webiste (link below) contains all the creative material that was created, the model we used to develop the project, cast and crew bios and an image gallery taken during the project and at the premiere.

So the question remains – what’s normal?

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