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Prime Ministers PodTour

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The famous Prime Ministers Avenue is an outdoor sculpture exhibition open every day of the year in the Ballarat Botanic Gardens.

The statues are controversial, often our leaders face each other across the path, leering, inviting challenge.

The PodTour – uncover stories behind Australia’s Prime Ministers. Each episode is built in the media of the day from our earliest PM Barton right up to today. It is located in Ballarat’s Botanical Gardens (available from the Robert Clark Conservatory in the Gardens).

It’s portable episodic media content displayed on iPod. Residents, and visitors, can grab an iPod from the Art Gallery, Conservatory or Visitor Information Centre and take a tour that will inform, entertain and delight you with stories, faces and places that brought this grand city to where it is today.

With three PodTours in total; Art PodTour, Prime Ministers PodTour [this one], and Statues PodTour; surely there is something for you?

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