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We yearn for the sun, always the sun.

Yearning, twirling and unfurling for the Sun. This work was commissioned by the City of Ballarat Arts & Culture to reflect how locals were dealing with lockdown in 2020. This short film was created in collaboration by filmmaker Erin M McCuskey, poet Megan J Riedl and composer Christine Tammer.


“Yum Studio was commissioned at an important time for the City of Ballarat. With COVID-19 entering the country and the first of many lockdowns initiated, we knew that there would be fear and tension in our community. One of the first things the City did was to structure a COVID arts & culture response strategy, and central to that was asking our creatives to be the reporters of our time and document the feelings the city was going through. We asked Yum Studio to identify a message of hope for the City, and instead they crafted a love letter – one that summed up many of the inexpressible feelings our town was going through. It was a joy to work with Erin. We will retaining this video, sound and word production on file for posterity.”

Tara Poole

Coordinator Creative City, City of Ballarat

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