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Project Grief

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey |


Today I feel a bit sad. I have project grief. The project that I lived and breathed for eight months has finished. And clearly I have no idea what to do with myself.

The Inside Story was its name, project is here, and here, and here. But how often should I visit, and revisit, and talk about our relationship, endlessly, about how fabulous it was, until it ended!

I tried relaxing but my brain was abuzz. I went to yoga by my body was bouncing. I went to Tasmania with my sisters (The Aunties) but it wasn’t long enough. They say it’s hard to finish a good book, well ‘they’ have no idea how hard it is to finish a project.

I reckon their are three steps to get yourself happening again:

1. Wallow in it! It’s good for you!


Really sink into your feelings. Take some time to think, reflect, learn and grow from all you have been through. Recall the amazing fantastic brilliance of you, and the scared, nervous, anxious parts too! Here’s something to help you into the mood.

Sad, sorry images from abandoned amusements parks. Just to help you feel really abandoned after everyone else went home and forgot!

More here if wallowing is really working for you!

2. Dance a lot! It’s great for you!


Take your feelings and throw them around the room. You can do it alone or with any other body. Refresh your creativity, your body, mind and spirit. Here’s something to let loose to.

3. Start Casting next project!

It’s good to take stock of where you have been, and its also great to have itching brain cells ready for the next thing. But what next thing? How do we find it? We find it by dreaming, dreaming big, wide and long. We get it from watching, from looking, from being social, from reading, from engaging, from talking, with our kids, with our elders, with our friends, with our lovers.

And we get it from getting involved in doing. Here’s what happened next for me… from connecting:

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  1. Michael

    This was a wonderful project Erin. No easy to capture 150 years of history in 3 minutes but to do that 3 times along with capturing community reminiscences added to the contribution to heritage you’ve made. Congratulations! 🙂


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