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Radio Springs Eternal

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Creative Media |

You simply must do yourself a favour and visit the Radio Springs Hotel at Lyonville. We did, and fell in love, with it, not each other, that happened quite some time ago, apparently! Though over a frothy Mickey Gee was looking a little handsome!


It remains at the Centre of the Universe on the Daylesford Trentham Road. We popped in for a cold one on an ‘in search of rail’ sojourn that took us on a merry trail of discovery through good rail and bad in Central Victoria. From Musk to Kyneton, from Trentham to Carlsrue, and one gunzel spotted playing full volume steam train noises – in his car! And no that wasn’t Mickey Gee.


And in the middle of the rainbow was this little gem. No big proclamation, simply an oasis of style, colour and plushness. Off the ‘main’ road a little, the ambiance was full on country welcome, with an old Hollywood feel that put a diamante on my heart. And red, wow red!


We sat in the bar with a few other guests from the area, and some who already had the good word and had stayed the night! It’s clear the locals know a good thing when they feel it, there were lots there, and its clear the word is getting out about this fabulous secret! The rooms are soft with furnishings, tassels and frames, and access to secret gardens off the verandah.


Run by the fabulous Ken Parfrey, previously a fabulous career projectionist, he has plans to set up a small intimate cinema ‘out the back’ and we for two will be in like Flynn once it’s up and running. Intimate, red velvet, seating for 25, cine (not digital) and a professional projectionist. I’d even travel to the city for that, but it doesn’t exist – only in Lyonville – soonish.


We will be back come hell or high water, or both. See you soon at the Centre of the Universe? It’s at the Corner of High and Main Street Lyonville, open til way late Thursday to Sunday. We had a lovely offer of dinner but graciously declined as the rail track at Musk was calling Mickey Gee.

Here is Ken reminiscing as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival 60th Project that Yum Studio produced.


Here are some more images from the Radio Springs Hotel to whet your appetite for fun. Love them on facey. Check menu/band/accomm/film screenings at radiospringshotel.com.au


Love this place… Love Madame Yum.

PS We don’t do sponsored posts, we just post stuff we love…

And we love Ken and his most fabulous Radio Springs Hotel.


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