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semaphore is a sumptuous eclectic mix of media based by photography. the works explore issues of communication, signal and signage. it is the work of emma stoneman and erin mccuskey and its now open at two locations:

    • existing in hard copy on platform 2 at the ballarat railway station and on the bus bay lydiard st.


semaphore is part of the fringe programme for the ballarat international foto biennale and is the only exhibition that is outside, open 24 hrs a day AND online… open from Sept 4th to Oct 4th, hope you get the opportunity to check it out and let us know what you think below…


  1. sally

    loved the station works… the colour of the lydiard st ones are amazing against the sky

  2. Anton & Liz

    Hi Girls, Just got back from checking out your fantastic work at the station on this freezing Ballarat day. It was worth having a few bits frozen off. Cheers, Anton & Liz

  3. erin.mccuskey

    erin & emma humbly throw their bags over their shoulders, scull their wine and salute you both…
    with reminder to everyone to go check out Anton’s show at Arthur Gallery!!

  4. mim

    Hey, loved your work:) wish I was there to see it in the flesh, it brought back memories of the ol’ station thanx for sending me the link lol

  5. Michael U

    It’s startling the amount of social interaction that goes on, and it’s all so new. Good to see this innovative and thoughtful stuff in such public spaces.

  6. suse

    Wow love the projection sounds – its wild when they all start. The idea of technology as humanising is refreshing in a sea of anti-digital, anti-tech…. the messages and the communication are of our making yes?

  7. Lynden Nicholls

    Well, I must be looking too hard, looking from the wrong perspective, looking in the wrong places, have the wrong glasses on, be over traditional in expectations, be a total nerd BUT i can’t seem to actually find the exhibition at the station.

  8. Lynden

    Sooooo, you have to go really close up. I like it. All that chatter on and on about stuff. The variety of stuff is great… mindless, casual, ordinary, political, sexy, repetitive, ….much like life itself!

  9. Jeremy & Tania

    Just love the online stuff – so vibrant & involving. You guys should be so proud of yourselves, just outstanding work! We look forward to your work at the next Biennale.

  10. Colleen

    Love the lips. Makes me question my destination every time I leave Ballarat railway station.

  11. Tom

    Nice work, I like them a lot. Very clever

  12. laurene

    love this stuff – really enjoy standing on the station and reading the lips. they could keep it there for a long time. on the website – love the combination of written word, images and sound of the old projector. good to be able to watch it over and over to get all the bits. particularly taken with love you… universal content… thanks.

  13. Siobhan

    tangible movement of the mind, body and soul, in this case literally, from the railway station! great work, love it!

  14. Dianne

    Sensational work, well placed is one of our most beautiful buildings.

  15. Siobhan

    movement of the mind, body and soul (in this case literally), from the railway station! great work, love it!

  16. belinda

    great work erin and emma! i got to check it out quite a few times while i was at the station… one of my favourite locations in the rat 😀

  17. sarah

    Wonderful work both online and at the station. How refreshing for commuters coming home from a day of slog in the Big Smoke to have something thought provoking and striking to welcome them home.

  18. Martin

    Very interesting images and concepts – would like to see the works “live” rather than through the browser to understand how they interact with their immediate environments.

  19. sae ra germaine

    It’s fantastic to see that technology is being used in creating fantastic artwork. It was so much fun walking up to it and reading all the tweet and was fascinating to see how the world of twitter has just come into our lives.

    Great work! love them!

  20. Lynden

    The Lips-Mesmerising.The Siren’s call? A warning? Entreating? Cajoling? Enquiring? Advising? Demanding? I like to think all of these. Certainly engaging.

  21. Kerry

    Well you’ve done it again ! eclectic, evocative, evoking, entertaining, exciting and typically erin style. great work girls !! you make me proud.

  22. Anthony

    Loved it… made my entrance to Ballarat that much more enjoyable and my exit even more memorable. Hope to see this space used again for future exhibits

  23. suzannah

    I love the sense of public and private journeys, the soundscape evocative of summer journeys , wistful , dreamscapes interupted . As a frequent train traveller , dreamer and mother of toddlers the works seemed to capture my inner world .

  24. Karen

    Lush and evocative, sooooo wish I’d seen the works in situ though as the history and activity at the station would have provided fantastic juxtapositions. Do you have images of the images in context? That other level would really enrich the web experience. Love your work gals.

  25. Joy

    Wow, these are awesome images, I’m really impressed! Great
    compositions, intriguing juxtapositioning and startling use of colour – it’s clear you both have a very individual and creative artistic streak. Emma and Erin, you deserve loads of positive feedback and congrats!Well done, ladies!

  26. Kerstin

    Great work, well presented, makes the train station more valuable and friendlier

    My congratulation to the artists

  27. Linda

    I wish I’d seen it in the fl;ash/flesh….memories of vicrail vline vigils en route with my cheek,(if not lips- and what was that lippy colour?) absorbing glass chill . So evocative…tell me when next you play(make).
    Thankyou for the link!


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