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so long, farewell. auf weidersehen, goodbye…

by | Nov 11, 2010 | blended learning, Creative Media, eLearning, Erin M McCuskey, Michael Gwyther, sae ra germaine, yum studio, yumproductions

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Semisonic’s song Closing Time

today is my last day as a yummy… kinda sad really but exciting at the same time. I’m off to spread my wings in the big smoke. ballarat has always been a little small for me but the one thing that has been keeping me here is the people and one group that I would have to mention is the yum crew.

my employment at yum came as a very sudden thing. I was fresh out of uni, I had quit my two previous jobs and I decided to send out an email to the various IT and training places in ballarat. I had received rejection after rejection but just as I was about to give up and started to consider a complete career change. I get this email from erin saying “let’s catch up for a chat”…. sure, why not! who knows where the “chat” may end up! 2 days later I had a job! i was suddenly the new multimedia trainer for yum productions, teaching a classroom full of VETiS kids and i had quickly placed myself as the resident nerd. I had become a part of this unique team… but not unique in the way of the name Sarah though, I was the new addition to the influx of “Sarah”s, at that stage there was 3 of us taking over yum. even with 2 left, not a day at the yum studio will go past when erin says “sarah, can you”… “which sarah?!” we would both yell out…. James’ method was to go “sa……..” think about which one then follow “rah” with our last names. michael even has his own way and calls me “sg” not to be confused with “ss”.

erin, michael, sarah and james are a very fun group of people who embrace difference and change. we all have a slight “bent”™ view on the world and it’s offerings. but that’s what makes us unique and creative. yum has a very forward thinking view on the world that is never unrealistic with this in mind yum (very quickly) embraced my nerdy slant on things which helped me settle in very quickly.

thank you yum for the good times and supporting me through the bumpy times. i couldn’t have asked for a better place to work. most of all thank you for embracing the nerd hopefully I will be able to work with you all again soon. not many people can say that they had a job that they loved or looked forward to going to and for this I feel extremely lucky especially because my 2 years at yum hasn’t felt like a job but doing something that I truly enjoy. I’m now inspired to do more!

this is the Resident Nerd signing off…

sae ra “resident nerd” germaine


  1. erin

    who loves ya baby…. yum do

  2. Michael G

    Sorry I missed the cake (lovely too by SS!) and final farewell from yum SG but no doubt see you about in the nerdosphere and on that train til you get a new nerd central in silicon city. Good luck with all you do and thank you for all your smiles, ideas, trouble shootin and nerdism you brought with you to yum.

    Good luck with the upgrade and reboot….



  3. Diana Anderson

    bye Sae ra
    best of luck from THAT PLACE
    drop in when you are in the Rat nxt
    cheers Di

  4. Janine Davidson

    Hi Sae ra, Wishing you every success in the city. Great working with you. Regards Janine Davidson, City of Ballarat


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