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The Destroyer

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Arts, Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey |

Skull drawn on paper cup

Maude Davey as The Destroyer is a lesson in commitment.

Presented as a work in progress at the Collingwood Yards (March 2022), if you missed it you really bloody missed it! Keep an eye out for its full premiere, it will be astounding!

Commitment to character and to the audience, like falling full length into water knowing the smack of it will hurt for days – fearless. I felt that imminent pain through her power, the baring of her teeth and the softness of her character’s apologies. As she stomped her way across the floorboards we were silent as a church. We were schooled in the core agreement that holds theatre together – if she believes it, we believe it.

For me, I take her words “March with me sisters!” and the feeling of the power in her commitment, full and absolute, despite knowing it will hurt, the power of going as far as you can. Whole hearted, full blooded. It’s passion isn’t it? Before that word became like dirt in our mouths. Show me your passion, don’t tell me you are passionate. And I’ll show you Maude.

As she danced, wild, threw herself, her body, bouncing with anger, wild frenetic urgent breath, power. Her turbines lit with a glow of sweaty induced passion. May we all have such passion, may we all take the dare to share and show our passions. Her performance got under my skin amongst an incredible cast who were truly an ensemble allowing each to shine.

Written by the fabulous Jackie Smith and directed by the incredible Moira Finucane, both of the unbelievable Finucane & Smith. The work features Maude Davey, Jazida, Caroline Lee, Raina Peterson, Piera Dennerstein; and Rachel Lewindon in a skin tingling performance that sits with me still today.

Thank you all. I’m in!


Moira Finucane dressed in full black and a set of beads addresses the audience after the show.


Moira Finucane addresses the audience post show.




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