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Last weekend a mate and i traveled back in time (1940s) to attend the latest underground cinema and it was totally fabulous… we had our fur capes, wide-legged pant (me) and pencil skirt (her), rosebud lips and perfectly coiffured hair (well my mate Lynden did anyway). so we were done, the rest was up to the UGC team and whoa did they deliver… pics here and video here and another blog post with a personal panache for the clothes…

The environment they created veritably dripped with WW2… the music, the americans, the style, the heels, the newspapers, the war room and the amazing under street venue – decked to the nines and constantly revealing itself as we walked the labyrinth and stumbled into vignettes inspired by the flick. the atmosphere was built carefully by Tamasein and her team, and all attending gleefully and wantonly fell in..

The film was ‘The Good German’ by Steven Soderbergh adapted from the novel by Joseph Kanon. made in 2006 it starred our Cate and the debonair George Clooney and the weasley Tobey Maquire… Soderbergh went to great lengths to invest the film with the times, using effects of the day (black and white, back projection, film burn) to build a story and characters that seems lifted directly from the 1940s. our Cate was gloriously lit with minimal source lighting favoured by directors from the studio era, the one and two shots allowed us to get closer to the characters, while the sex & violence that would have been unacceptable in films of the times really jolted as intended. it’s a big screen film and would lose so much on small screen, so if you ever get a chance..

The last film at UGC was ‘Dig’ (the doco of the relationship between The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols) and the set up there was awesome as well. totally different, huge band tribe, huge cavernous venue, sensational… so get on the mailing list here, facebook here and twitter here… because when news comes through for the Halloween event don’t be last in line for tickets…


  1. Sarah Sneddon

    Aside from the cinematic experience how great is when grown ups are given the opportunity to dress up and play pretend. Should happen more in my opinion.

  2. Donna Guille

    Very cool … I joined up!!


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