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what’s normal anyway?

by | May 6, 2010 | Creative Media, creative team, Erin M McCuskey, yumproductions

We got a group of artists and mentors together to produce a pilot for a TV show… it was a creative process that developed an extraordinary idea that was so simple, so obvious, it seemed like ‘hadn’t someone already done this?’ – seeing the world through the perspectives of difference.

It was a startling process of sharing medical and health stories, finding our shared experience and moving to emotional scarring. we talked about being awake during operations, waking alone from comas, childhoods spent in care, life threatening accidents and illnesses – and putting it all on screen.

Like Cubism twisted Realism, ‘Normal’ goes beyond the mainstream to the core of us: the personal experiences, the secret perceptions of us, the difference of us, all artfully rearranged. difference has long been a national spectacle, and why not… we are beautiful, unique and very stare-worthy.

Our first episode ‘What’s Your Scar?’ explores the impacts of the medical on our normal and abnormal lives.

We are premiering in Ballarat late June, then onto the broadcast and festival circuit. there are some invites available so if you want one, let me know at [email protected]

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