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What’s The Story

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Creative Media |


When I was a kid it felt like my dad had a movie camera in his hand every day. He would shoot family gatherings, scenic landscapes and street scenes. He would tell us to run up the street, then down. He would capture tourist spots, car races and babies. He took still images as well. Heres an early #selfie with his own caption..

But his main muse was mum! There are moving images of her posing with plants, walking toward the camera, running on the beach, talking with friends, playing with us kids and smiling at the camera. At Dad!

I’m so grateful they told their stories together in a way we could hold onto them. We thought they would live forever, now their stories really do. Each image and film reel holds the moments and memories that make up their lives. And as adults now we get to see who we are as a family. What kind of people we are. What home really means.

“Stories tell us where home is.”

Ursula Le Guin

Growing up Irish meant many evenings sitting together sharing stories. Sometimes as song, sometimes in recitation, sometimes in dance. And you didn’t have to be good at any of it, only prepared to take part. Stories seemed like they were all around, so much we could almost touch them as the images of super 8 cine film and slides flickered on the lounge walls.

It is always surprising to me that our most common language, story, is one that we forget to use at work as well as play. At home our screens are filled with movies as we settle in for the evening. We love stories. Over dinner we ask ‘What did you do today?’ We want stories. When our friends phone us we ask ‘What’s been going on?’. We need stories. So why is it we don’t use stories at work, online and in our creative lives?

owning your story image

Story is the most powerful way to connect to your audience, your community, your customers*. Being curious about story is a beautiful way to develop relationships with your community, and to establish your authenticity. Your story is unique, it is the sum of your experiences and the reason you do what you do.

We don’t share stories at work often because the framework and structures we work under do not understand the heart. Our systems and models and ways of working are heavily focussed on the brain. And that’s great! No one needs an accountant who is more interested in three act structures than your tax return. However that same accountant reads numbers to find the story.

headline reads 'does ballarat have a heart for its muses?'

“But how could you live and have no story to tell?”

Fyodor Dostoevsky

My accountant is a stories guy. Each year we arrive with our printouts, folders, files and receipts. And each year we arrive with dreams of what the future might hold with minimal ideas of how we might afford it. Steve (let’s just call him Steve), spends time with us talking about those dreams. And he shares his dreams.

a plane flies over freeway signs

We have a great relationship and have been seeing him for over 18years. The stories, and great returns, have kept us coming back, even when he sold his company to a large multinational. I would not have walked in the door of that multinational as a new client. They have no story to engage me. I’m there for Steve’s stories.

“Owning your own story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.”

Brené Brown

You need time to tell a good story, about yourself, your business and your project. And not one other person can tell you what your story is. Only you. There is no template that can hold your story. There is no example you can follow, other businesses successes cannot be your successes.

And you need time to be curious about yourself to find your story. I hope you take the time you need. Story really works, and you have one right in front of you. But trying to see the wood for the trees isn’t easy, it’s hard work and you are the only one that can do it!

I hope you might come and spend some curious time with me at Maverick Salon Story Workshop and we’ll work it out together.

Love Madame Yum

*And if you are still calling people your customers you really need to take some time! Soon!

Maverick Salon: a place of story and ideas. Places Limited.


  • DATE: Saturday 26th October
  • TIME: 10am-4pm
  • PLACE: Secret Location Ballarat CBD
  • STAKE: inc: great coffee, fabulous food and ideasbook
  • …………$165 early bird (before Oct 1st)
  • …………$185 late bird (from Oct 1st)
  • BOOK: Eventbrite

Maverick: a person who shows independent thought or action; unbranded.

Salon: a beautiful place of reception, refreshment and respectful debate.


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