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The Aunties

“Ha! I came with a piñata……laughing out loud! Seriously had no idea what was on the other side……but it was sooooo much fun. Something truly wonderful. The mystery was brilliant, the people wonderful and the stories extra special. Sensational! ”

Margie Balazic

A Rose in The Aunties Garden

Aunties – in every culture, older women who protect and challenge the younger generations

The Aunties are five real life sisters who wanted to learn to share stories, to be present for their nibling (nieces and nephews) and to encourage a bold connection between the generations. The sisters share stories in the Irish tradition, where everyone has a story to tell or a song to sing. Visit with The Aunties on their blog and on facebook.

Our Creative Director Erin is moonlighting as Aunty Mod with her sisters. It started as a way for the sisters to get together across borders, and it changed a lot over covid. Will it survive? Who knows, but love definitely will.

The Aunties invite you to come and share your stories about women and adventure! Read the stories online here, and engage with the Aunties on facebook. And with that invite you are welcome to join the girls when thats possible. Its always choatic. To give you an idea here are some images at The Aunties Tiddling Tales adventure and a video of Queen Mary.

Tiddling Tales

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