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A Chuisle mo Chroí

A Chuisle mo Chroí

A chuisle mo chroí is a phrase of deep affection used in Irish poetry, music, and literature. In Gaeilge (Irish) it literally means pulse of my heart. Using language, cultural expression, and mythological women, Erin McCuskey’s work will engage your heart and twirl. Recently Erin had a residency at Testing Grounds Emporium Basement, Naarm (Melbourne). It included a film shoot, dance events and a three channel screening over April 23 – May 5 2024. This beautiful still image of Louise shines don’t you think?

  • Dancing

Down the stairs and into the dim dark of the Emporium Basement they came to dance. Revelling in time-based cinematic practices, Erin’s work is at the intersection of dance and film. There are two more film shoots, do you dare come and dance? More images at these links of the process and the beautiful gift of energy from these gorgeous dancers.

The link to bind them all – Project Image Collection

This was the first of three film shoots in the development of a new three channel work exploring time, dance and Irishness. If you would like an invitation to the dance or the final screening, please sign up here.

Here’s to the muses of the first film shoot (in order of appearance):

  • Annemarie Sloane
  • Sorcha Breen
  • Fagyn Gwyther-McCuskey
  • Ash Dor-Shiffer
  • Alison Parkinson
  • Megan Finlayson
  • Dulcie Corbett
  • Janette Wotherspoon
  • Mary Darcy
  • Ellen O’Connor
  • Christine Tammer
  • Louise Sherrard
  • Micaela Maizon
  • Amy Tsilemanis
  • Bron Gwyther
  • Colleen Filippa

And credit to those who carted, carried and created with me.

  • Heather Horrocks – pasteups
  • Merlyn Gwyther-McCuskey – audio tech
  • Fagyn Gwyther-McCuskey – dance tech
  • Megan Finlayson – crew
  • Bryan Putt – crew
  • Janette Brown – crew
  • Mary Darcy – crew
  • Christine Hickson – photographer at the screening

And thanks to the awesome supporters:


Artist Bio

McCuskey’s art is cinematic, multilayered film using archival, found and captured moving image. She uses screen language of the half-dark, overlay and blur to reflect her long-sightedness (hyperopia). Working at the intersection of cinema and art, she explores themes of feminisms, memory and death. Known for her use of muses, she explores the idea that joy is resistance and that expressing culture through dance is a way to protect our hard-won freedoms.


“Film artist Erin M McCuskey’s work is indeed one of Australia’s great ‘unknown pleasures’ … fusing analogue film (created and archival), music, dance, literature, theatre and a visual artist’s perspective into digital cinematic works that are firstly sensual and delightful, and secondly resonantly poetic and deep.” (Bill Mousoulis – Unknown Pleasures).

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