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Your story is your legacy.

During the pandemic I danced every day. Online with friends. Every single day at 6pm. It started as a dare. This thing wasn’t going to last too long. Surely!

And as the months stretched into years, I kept looking forward to 6pm arriving. It gave me hope, connection and people to share my story of the day with. I could leave my work and go into the lounge room and blast disco. The neighbours never complained. My partner Mick did a few times, but that’s another story!

Two years of lockdowns taught me two things.

  1. When things change, they change quickly. Slow change is about evolving, but massive change is about riding before reacting.
  2. Stories are what hold us together. The people we work with, live with, love and dance with, need stories to feel connected.

Humans have an instinctive love for story. During the pandemic Yum Studio was asked to craft some beautiful personal and company histories. Because at the end of the day, all we have are our stories.

Is it time for you to consider telling your story? Here’s a showreel to get you thinking.

Short films that share your life, your passion, your business – in your voice.

Your story is as unique are you are. The story might be about how you started your company and the challenges you faced. It might be about your passion and why you do what you do. It could be your history lifted from company archives, friends, family, clients. Stories of loved ones past, stories of new company beginnings and stories about where we come from.

Story sharing is dependant on the teller. I have always been a storyteller and have many ways, traditional and new, to help you to tell your story. That might be through a deep dive into your archive, support to structure your story for your message, interviews, motion graphics, animation.

I am grateful to have told the stories of such companies and organisations as the Melbourne International Film Festival, the City of Ballarat, Fifteen Trees, the Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute. And I am honoured to have been trusted to tell the personal stories of families and personal histories such as the Finlayson Family, the Anderson Family and the Gwyther Family.

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