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Provocation #4 April 28th 2023 – Come Home Journal #12

A provocation is a challenging question, our fourth was:

What do we contribute to belonging?

Come Home project has raised many questions, way more than answers, like this question. Belonging isn’t ‘other’, it is inside, a knowing, a feeling, difficult to categorise. But you know we’ll try.

Moments in the cinema, Regent Marble Room, I had visitors who twirled for me, posed for me and talked with me about belonging.

Megan: “… that sense of self and belonging and understanding your self as your principle home, doesn’t come until you’re older. It’s almost like you have to go through heartbreak… it really resonates when you’re older.”

Mary: “Belonging is being part of something bigger than yourself, but feeling, when you are with those people, that place, you are home. Belonging comes with a sense of ownership. The more you know about where you come from, and who was here before you, you get a sense of you being part of them even though you only really know people two generations back.”

Trudy: “Being with people as family, as community, as friends and being together as one. You don’t have to be in the place where you were born – you just need to feel like home. Belonging is priceless, it happens within. Belonging is a word used for so many things. it depends on each individual or family or place. Somewhere you feel safe. You can take it where-ever you are, because it is you, belonging is you.”

Heather: “If it’s about where I belong – I don’t know. I have belongings, which I love. I struggle to belong, I’m happier on the outside.”

There will be six provocations in total, they will be recorded at the Regent Cinema Marble Room in a set created for the purpose. Follow, Share and Subscribe for invitations.


IMAGE CREDIT: Film Still by Erin M McCuskey


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