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Precious Fragments Screening Dec 2nd 2022 – Come Home Journal #2

Isn’t it always a nervous time to screen works, yet they are made to be seen.

The tech run was smoothish, once we found the theatre, and the techie. The Regent Cinema is grand its generous size and cinemas, however that is over shadowed by the generosity of the Anderson Family who run this cinema with art, business and the community in mind.

Film Still from Precious Fragments featuring illustration work by Deanne Gilson

Delighted with a sell-out, we were hoping timing was good to get the large crowd into their seats would be good. The cinema has a long tradition of starting on time, so our people were there and ready after grabbing a drink from the bar. We held a short Q and A after the screening and then went into the lounge for longer conversations. We’ll post more images below once they become available.*

Works that dig into the heart to reveal feelings will always need curious audiences to experience the works and some brave enterprises and organisations to support that. Thank you to those in the audience and to those agencies that hold us up, we are grateful.

Creative Victoria, Regional Arts Australia, Yum Studio, Ballarat and District Irish Association, Eureka Centre, Regent Cinema, Waller & Chester, Ballarat Lifestyle Travel.

IMAGE CREDIT: Film Still by Erin McCuskey

*Those images from the screening are now live here.


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