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and if I was just announcing it I’d start by saying “Wow have I got news for you”, while its no longer news as such it is still exciting. we are producing a project for MIFF called MIFFtales. (twitter tag #MIFFtales) and follow MIFF @MIFFofficial.

I am currently producing some intriguing storytelling in moving images for MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) for this their diamond anniversary…

at 60 (MIFF not me) I could have requested a telegram from the PM (apparently), the Whitehouse (maybe) or the Queen (would never ask her for anything), but instead yum & MIFF decided to develop an archive, a tribute to those people, places and faces that made MIFF who it is  today, at 60.

we shot a few interviews at the fabulous Forum (@ForumMelbourne) in the heart of Melbourne with its amazing blue sky ceilings and lamps…and got to see behind the scenes at this iconic cinema, one of the venues for MIFF11 and past…

MIFFtales is a project that begins the work of recording and archiving those important moments, stories, tall-tales, and true, that have given MIFF character, profile and presence.

Leading up to MIFF11, yum productions (well me really) will be researching, investigating and shooting a series of small vignettes to screen at MIFF and online. If you know of someone I need to talk to please contact erin at yum on [email protected]

as we release each episode I’ll update you here, to subscribe enter your email at right (we have a strong privacy policy and guarantee we don’t pass on any details). a teaser coming in next post…

whoo hoo


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