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We hope you will come and see our new work commissioned for White Night Ballarat.



by Christine Tammer & Erin M McCuskey
White Night Ballarat 2018
Saturday March 17th 7pm – 2am (Sunday)
Old Sheriff’s Office, Camp Street, Ballarat
The work will loop every 15 mins and will look fab anytime.


This work is both confronting and thought provoking, a audio-visual dissection of deception by design and how we, as humans, react to the unconscionable conduct of gambling agencies. Poker Machines are designed to be addictive, controlled to play to our weaknesses and made to exploit the most vulnerable in our community. These artists Christine Tammer, Annie Drum and Erin McCuskey have developed a work that will both delight and horrify.

Christine Tammer’s soundtrack is insightful and abrasive. It demands we enter this flashy world many of us recoil from. Erin M McCuskey has created nightmarish, garish visions that glue our eyes open, against our impulse to turn a blind eye.

Please join the artists for this a multi-channel film installation, featuring songs from the new cabaret The Venue, created by Christine Tammer. It draws the audience into the garish nightmare of a pokies venue and reveals their unconscionable underpinnings: the deception by design and the promise of winning a better life, when in fact they entrap and enslave.

You’ll be sorry you ever stepped foot in the place! See you there.

See the showcase page for full credit list.


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