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Tim & Anne the usual crazy…

by | Aug 10, 2013 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey |


The Hudson Project crew (left to right) Joel Gills, Michael Gwyther, Jay Morningstar, Anne Chibnall, Erin McCuskey, Maria Van Ravenstein, Tim Sedgwick and seated with his sexy look Adrian McNaughton.

I have friends called Tim & Anne, and their usual state is one of totally crazy complete creation mode. I met them at a programme I ran called Future Films. The were young people bent on learning as much as they could, doing as much as they could in the shortest space of time possible.

The project was government funded and labelled as being for young people with disabilities. Total misnomer! This group was about young people with minds that exploded with ideas upon impact with any other idea. These guys were then so eager to learn they challenged me to teach them more and more and more.

We made films every Friday for about four years. What a total joy, and a total bloody exhaustion (for me). We produced films, had annual premieres, screened at international film festivals, wrote blogs, comics, scripts and more scripts. There was just no stopping them. Until the project stopped.

We got together a few times on other projects like ‘Normal‘ a regional media production bootcamp where we gathered young people with heaps of enthusiasm and gave them access to media tech and media mentors who had disabilities and who worked in the media industry. You can see the results here

We also did another project called ‘The Hudson Project‘ to focus on writing blogs, making small screen media. You can see the results here.

It originally sprang from a project where Yum Studio developed resources for filmmakers with disabilities, that’s here.

Anyway long story story. I love Tim and Anne and the rest of the crazy crew. We managed to pull together some final films for this comp “Focus On Ability, Short Film Comp” by Nova Employment.

Anne and Tim aren’t on facebook, don’t twitter, are sometimes called ’emerging filmmakers’ despite having been making stuff for years. I think its about us as the audience having a new way of seeing how a film might be put together.

Why tell you that? They need you to vote for them in this comp, because they don’t have the tech to vote for themselves. It’s a great showcase this comp, just not sure how many films were made by filmmakers with disabilties, howver with over $50K worth of cash and prizes it is highly contested.

So can you give Tim and Anne a click? All voting closes August 11th at midnight. They are both in Open Entrants – Short Films, here are the links to their films…

Anne Chibnall – Creative Universe (1.21)

Tim Sedgwick – Captain Timbo (2.02)

Hey we should get the band back together…



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