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This project developed a series of microfilms to provide depth to the story-world of Luxville, through the development of a unique partnership with Wadawurrung artists and leaders, sisters Tammy and Deanne Gilson. The completed works, titled ‘Precious Fragments’, are based on a series of yarns and production of pieces that reflected the juxtaposition of cultures.

The works explore Aboriginal and Irish culture particularly as it relates to women as holders of those cultures, the keepers of women’s business, and their forced removal from country and the loss of their children. Creating work that reflects the lack of heart (culture) in current leadership. The work was slower than intended but also deeper than expected. Together we produced a series of micro films, fragments, which together tell of precious visions we have lost as a city. We have had two screenings of works in progress with a final screening to happen later this month (May 2022).

Partnerships with regional organisations and businesses like the Regent Cinema, Eureka Cinema and the Ballarat Arts Foundation have put independent screen arts in focus. This will help create the development of a deep relationship between these organisations to support the creation of experimental screen and multimedia works in regional areas.

The micro films that have resulted from this work together will be available to preview on May 19th before a full screening in July 2023.

This is one of a series of posts about the Precious Fragments project funded by Creative Victoria. The funding is to support the development of backstory to the City of Luxville in a juxtaposition of Irish and Wadawurrung cultures to investigate place, identity and connection.

The Precious Fragments project will use three distinct languages:

  • Gaeilge – Irish – this will be given in italics.
  • Language – Wadawurrung – this will be given in CAPITALS.
  • English – Australian – this will be given in Sentence Case.


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