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It means a lot to an artist to be acknowledged in their homeland. It was with a joyful heart I went to the Buninyong Film Festival. They had requested to screen two short films of mine. Large As Life (2020) and Life As Carnival (2020). The Buninyong Town Hall was resplendently decked out in festival insignia and the screening room was bathed in brilliant gold.

Congratulations to the team, the projection and sound were so beautifully and respectfully done, thank you for taking care of my work and the legacy of Jack Anderson who footage features.


golden lit projection on stage

Country festivals are unique in their welcome, engagement and pure joy of seeing the depth of cinema in local halls. If you get the opportunity get along to the next one, I know I will. Follow along here.

two women stand in front of the town hall

To Joan, Andrew and Niki, thank you for your kindnesses and professional care. See you next year and congratulations to the festival for surviving the pandemic in such a brilliant come back.

Ceiling details

The Buninyong Town Hall ceiling reflected in projection and lights.

Host speaks to crowd

The door prize is drawn! Country hospitality!


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