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MIFFtales #2 Mr Campi

by | Aug 14, 2011 | Creative Media, creative team, Erin M McCuskey

Now that the MIFF madness is done and dusted, time to reflect on some of the amazing people I met… and interviewed for MIFFtales. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting cinephile, and consummate gentleman, Mr Michael Campi during the project. What a wonderful man, so humble, shy and retiring, so intelligent and world-wise. It was love at first sight, such a wonderful generous man.

Likely he will cringe on reading this, he much prefers to work in the background, unheralded and unobserved. However I think he needs to be heralded such is the contribution he has made to MIFF and to Melbourne screen culture in general.

Michael has been attending MIFF since 1963, and would have done so beforehand if he’d been allowed. A true member of the MIFF family, Michael started to volunteer in only his second year. He was there during the censorship furors, the dark days of the 80s, met friends and contacts, and spent time on the board. Today he is a trusted Programmer and has supported MIFF to bring some fabulous film choices to Melbourne screens.

But I’ll stop waffling so he can tell you in his own words… I give you Mr Michael Campi…
MIFFtales is a project undertaken by yum productions for the Melbourne international Film Festival 60th Year celebrations. You’ll find it at the MIFF YouTube Channel with a lot of other fabulous footage from this years fest.

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