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Provocation #6 July 12th 2023 – Come Home Journal #15

A provocation is a challenging question, our sixth and final was:

Can difference and belonging be complementary?

This provocation followed a gathering to show images of muses. The images were taken in residency at the Regent Cinema.

Exhibition at the Regent Cinema 2023 Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

During a shoot we talked about belonging, whether it was important or something we could leave to its own devices.

What was difference anyway?

For Heather her art, her video tape, her work offerings are not about belonging. Like Groucho – who wants to belong? Rhetorical question.

The fabulous Megan takes belonging to identification, the dear cool cats of MIOW.

Mary wants everyone to feel they belong, even if they don’t.

Janette turns up in her belonging, her talents far beyond what is possible in one woman.

Most of all it was the dancing that enveloped the works and so the joy was difficult to ignore. In joy we belong, in freedom we belong, in shared experiences we belong. In movement we belong to both ourselves and to the world.

Over the course of six provocations, as part of a cinema residency, the words of women ring loudly:

We first belong to ourselves.

And difference is to be embraced, the new, the interesting, the ‘not us’.

Thanks to the fabulous Malcolm for his contribution, he most definitely belonged, despite his obvious difference (not keen to dance).

There were six provocations in total, recorded at the Regent Cinema Marble Room in a set created for the purpose. Follow, Share and Subscribe for invitations.


IMAGE CREDIT: Heather Moustache by Erin M McCuskey


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