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We are so grateful to those who experienced our work Do Not Go Gentle at White Night Ballarat, and then told us what you thought of the work. Thank you from Erin & Christine.

Do Not Go Gentle in situ by Chippy Rivera

Do Not Go Gentle in situ by Chippy Rivera


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“Not only did I personally love the piece, I was really excited to see how many people stopped to take the time to immerse themselves in Do Not Go Gentle, taking in the whole show and applauding as it concluded. It was an outstanding work that I hope to see again in other situations. There is nothing more motivating than working with passionate visionaries.”

Sam Redston, Programme Manager, White Night Ballarat

“Experiencing DO NOT GO GENTLE was profound for me. I was immediately drawn into the Courtyard space and compelled to sit between the women on either side of ‘centre stage’, to witness along with them. The imagery on the brick wall was fabulous and combined with your incredible soundtrack – I found myself completely immersed in the message of women ageing and approaching death. This was presented in such a real, grounded and sensitive way.”

Carole Crowe, punter, White Night Ballarat

“A highlight of White Night Ballarat was Do Not Go Gentle. I first experienced it walking around the corner from my hotel, delighting in its choice of site: projected onto a structure set back from a laneway, it drew passers-by in with a curiosity that was gently transformed into a close focus. As I moved from there to Ballarat’s more densely populated intersections, where thousands of faces gazed up at the work of thousands of lumens projected onto enormous heritage façades, all the talk was of that intimate work on Chancery Lane… What did it mean? What was the story? Let’s go back together! The sensitive composition of personal stories and evocative sounds drew us in for more than just moments: for audiences expecting scale and spectacle, this was one of the most important White Night works in resetting our expectations of what it means to wander through a town at will, to encounter its people in new ways, to reimagine its histories and be welcomed into its present. Thank you Erin McCuskey and Christine Tammer – I can’t wait to see this work in a new context and experience its complex work of reinterpreting that new place into familiar stories.  Very best of luck with your plans for this beautiful work.”

Esther Anatolitis, Director of Projects, Regional Arts Victoria

“Do Not Go Gentle, an audio-visual work by Ballarat artists Christine Tammer and Erin McCuskey moved audiences…”

Arts Review, National Library of Australia

“Beautiful atmospheric tribute to the amazing women in our lives – speaking for daughters and treasured mothers.”

Vivienne Halat, punter, White Night Ballarat

“Do Not Go Gentle was powerful and evocative. Ballarat artists made the city sing last night.”

Malcolm Sanders, Regional Arts Victoria

“Visually stunning, beautiful audio and perfect site. Congratulations, one of my favourite works at White Night.”

Bernadette Fitzgerald, Creative Producer, Footscray Community Arts Centre

“Do Not Go Gentle provided a point of sanctuary and solace within the loud and bright world of White Night Ballarat. Located down a dark Ballarat laneway, the work was sonically constructed with beautifully delicate imagery. It wasn’t just gentle; it was a genuine awakening of the senses, a call to awaken oneself.”

Bryce Ives, Director Arts Academy, Federation University

“I am still in a bit of an altered state about what I experienced last night, in regards to the depth, beauty and significance of your work. At 4am, I sat with the young security guy experienced it again. He was fascinated too, even after a full night of repeated viewing.”

Linda Franklin, punter, White Night Ballarat

“It was really amazing. Such a perfect combo of site & art, vision & music.”

Matt Briody, punter, White Night Ballarat


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